I am delighted to welcome you to our parish church of St. Stephen situated within the small conservation area of Hounslow, West London. Our church has been a place of Christian worship since 1874.

St. Stephen is a traditional Victorian Church where pilgrims have worshiped over many years offering their love and care in the service of their Lord.

During recent years its interior has been beautifully refurbished enabling us to retain its original integrity yet providing an appropriate space in which to offer our worship in a contemporary environment.

We are an inclusive congregation and celebrate life in all its fullness and diversity.  You will always receive a warm welcome and an invitation to coffee, infusions or tea after our services, in addition to a glass of Port in our new ‘social’ area in the side of the church.  If you are visiting us do ensure you stay and introduce yourself.

Please do enjoy its stillness, pause to pray and reflect on the Majesty of God, the uniqueness of Jesus and be filled with the Spirit of God as you venture back into the world. I look forward to meeting you when your journey leads to St. Stephen’s.

We welcome you to our main service every Sunday at 10.00am - Click here for details of our Services

Coffee after service

Sunday Club


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